CMS to Begin Referencing 2012 Life Expectancy Table on April 1

March 13, 2017 By: Daniel Anders

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on 3/8/2017 that it “will begin referencing the CDC’s Table 1: Life Table for the total population: United States, 2012, for WCMSA life expectancy calculations on April 1, 2017.” CMS presently uses the 2011 table, thus this announcement represents an expected annual update to the next available CDC life expectancy table. In most instances the update to the most recent life expectancy table represents at most a one-year change in the life expectancy used in the MSA report compared to the prior table. All Tower MSA reports completed on or after 4/1/2017 will reference the 2012 table.

The 2012 Life Table for the total population may be found on Pages 10-11 of the CDC report.

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